WSC NEW Membership Application

Welcome to this WSC online membership application page.
Please note that this club is run by the members for the members. To achieve this all members are expected to undertake a formal duty about three times a year. Initially this duty is likely to be as 'Officer of the day' (OOD). If you have relevant RYA qualifications for other duties please indicate below.
There is a one time joining fee (individual £27 or familly £42). For those who really can not commit to duties, there is an additional annual 'No Duties' charge.
Please note that Username and Password you choose should be unique to you. If the username has already been used a new one will be issued, however, you can change this at any time.

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Please refer to Privicy Policy if you have any concerns.

Contact information: I give permission to share my contact information with fellow club members (note, this is essential for operation of the duty system)
Photographs/Video: I give permission to share photograps and video taken of me/my boat as detailed in the club privacy policy

Boat parking

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Dinghy berth (£48): Catamaran berth (£67): Canoe/board berth (£31): Mooring (£67):

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I have read and understood the Rules and By-Laws of the Club (detailed on the web site) and agree that I and any visitors that I may bring into the Club will observe them.