WSC NEW Membership Application

Welcome to the WSC online membership application page.
Please note that this club is run by the members for the members. To achieve this all members are expected to undertake a formal duty about three times a year. Initially this duty is likely to be as 'Officer of the day' (OOD). If you have relevant RYA qualifications for other duties please indicate below.
There is a one time joining fee (individual £30 or familly £50). For those who really can not commit to duties, there is an additional annual 'No Duties' charge. You may also request berthing at the club for boats upto 20 feet in length.
Please note that Username and Password you choose should be unique to you. If the username has already been used a new one will be issued, however, you can change this at any time.

Membership Login details

Note: Username must be letters and numbers only. Passwords must be 8 characters minimum and contain at least 1 capital, 1 lower case and 1 number.

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Membership Name and Address

Note: The contact details below are for the primary membership holder. In the case of Junior Membership, this should be the details for the parent or guardian. Should you wish to provide individual contact details for any other members of your family group, please contact the Membership Secretary.

First name: Surname:
Address line 1:
Address line 2:
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Town: Postcode:
E-mail: Confirm e-mail:

Family Members / Junior Member (at above address)

Note: For Junior Membership (that is not part of a family membership), just fill in 'Child 1 / Junior' below. Please leave the other rows empty. Then select 'Junior' in the next section.

First name, Spouse/Partner: Surname:
First name, Child 1 / Junior: Surname:
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Membership Details

Type of membership:Please select


Note: Duty days will apply for primary family membership holder and indvidual memberships only. New membership duties will default to OOD. Should any other member of your family group wish to cover a different duty, please contact the Membership Secretary. You will be contacted in due course with your allocated duty days.

Whilst the club will only function as a club with members input, if you really can't comit to a duty please select the 'No duties' below:

Qualifications for instructing

Do you have a valid instructors certificate? Please select

Do you hold a Power Boat level 2 or above certificate?
Do you hold a current First Aid certificate?Please check you expiry date!

Privacy/Data protection

Please understand that you are joining a club which is run by its members, for its members. To this end it is essential to share your basic contact details (namely your phone number and email address) with the other members of the club to enable it to operate as a club. This does NOT apply to Junior Members. Please refer to the club's Privacy Policy if you have any concerns about this or the way your personal data is used. In certain circumstances it may still be possible to join the club without sharing your basic contact details with other members, please contact the membership secretary to discuss this.

Contact information: (not applicable for Junior Members)
I agree that my phone number and email may be shared with fellow WSC members for the purposes of operating the club.
I do not agree.
I give permission to share photographs and video taken of me or my children as detailed in the club privacy policy
I prefer to withhold my permission to share photographs/video as so described.

Boat parking

Boat parking if required: Please enter spaces required, or leave blank. Max length 20 feet.
Dinghy berth (£53): Catamaran berth (£74): Canoe/board berth (£34): Mooring (£74):

Payment and Agreements

Note: The best way for the club to handle payments currently is via online bank transfer. If this really not possible for you, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Method of payment:
I understand that payment must be made by online bank transfer

I understand that if I bring a boat and sail it at the lake, I must have insurance cover of at least £3m

I have read and understood the Rules and By-Laws of the Club (detailed on the web site) and agree that I and any visitors that I may bring into the Club will observe them