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Club open again!

Following the Government's latest guidelines the club is now open again on Sundays (including Racing on Sundays). Saturday sailing is due to start from May 1st, and Wednesday sessions are planned to re-commence June 9th. Please check the Sailing Calendar on the Club Programme above for details.
20 April 2021

Price reduction

As last season saw many difficulties and interruptions in the sailing program, the club is offering reduced memberships for the comming season. Fees will only be charged for 10 months of the year - so a 17% reduction. Please accept this as a token of our appreciation of your support.
February 2021

Website update

Our new website is now up and running. Phase 2 is complete allowing members to manage their details and renewals online. All functions asked for from the old site have been encorported into the new site. A complete new set of tools for managing the membership have been created to make life easier for our committe members who handle those tasks. A number of fields in the club database have been reset so that you can make sure information is current when you make your anual membership renewal. Please login and try it.... any trouble, please just ask. Hope you like it!
February 2021

Sailing Awards

20-Oct-19 Autumn Mini Marathon PY Pursuit Simon Hawkes
24-Nov-19 Winter Tankard PH, PY Simon Jones
19-Jan-20 Clatworthy Chilblain Trophy Pursuit Laurence Maunder
26-Jan-20 Ice Breaker Tankard PH Nick Ryles
16-Feb-20 Frostbite Tankard PH no race, bad weather
15-Mar-20 1st Wimbleball Sailor at the Beastie 3 hr Pursuit Simon Hawkes
05-Apr-20 Keith Turner Trophy PH Pursuit no race
12-Apr-20 Easter Regatta Cup PY no race
24-May-20 Britnell Bowl PY Pursuit no race
21-Jun-20 Lady Helm Trophy PY no race
05-Jul-20 Sheppy Cup Pursuit Series no race
19-Jul-20 Junior Cup PY Jemima Ryles
23-Aug-20 Double Hander Shield PH/PY Tony Paine & Sandy Paine
30-Aug-20 K1 Special PH/PY Chris Dyer
06-Sep-20 Single Hander Pursuit Cup (excluding K1's) Pursuit Geoff Curtis
20-Sep-20 Rookie's Cup PH Angus MacAlister
11-Oct-20 K1 Series Cup Nick Ryles
11-Oct-20 Victor Ludorum Portsmouth Yardstick Series Paul Birbeck
11-Oct-20 Most 4th Places Racer All season Nick Ryles
11-Oct-20 Top Helm All season Paul Birbeck
11-Oct-20 Top Crew All season Sandy Paine

Club Awards 2019/20

Unsung Hero : Molly Kelly
Clubman : David Stockton
Junior Endeavour : Jacob Chambers

Covid-19 update - Club currently closed

January 2020

Visiting guests

Warning regarding Invasive Species! Wimbleball Sailing Club is working closely with South West Lakes to try to stop the lake becoming a new breeding ground for any invasive species so we are asking all our members, visitors and guests to help us by carrying out some simple biosecurity steps. Click here for futher details.
January 2020